Daniel Mascari is a designer and teacher with over two decades of experience working for compaines like: Tesla, Citi, The Art Institute, and San Diego State University. Dan is a student-centered educator and team-builder, developing diverse talent across the globe.

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Responsive Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


For this project I took a mock-up by a graphic artist and developed a responsive vertical timeline explaining to customers the way that the client's probiotics products work, employing node.js and other tools to enable a seamless user experience.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding of responsive vertical timeline for Fiore probiotics

3d Models - Cellular Illustrations

Biotech Concept Art


Stem Cell Concept Art Illustration 3d model

Concept 3d models of Pill, Stem Cells, and DNA molecule

Bombay Sapphire - Stir Creativity

Poster Concepts

bombay sapphire poster conpcet stir creativity by daniel mascari

Concept art for posters and magazine adverts for Bombay Sapphire - Stir Creativity Campaign

Adidas - Here to Create

Mural Concepts


Concept art for an interior wall mural at the London office of Adidas International's Women's Apparel Design Studio

Secret Solstice - Music Festival

Poster Concept


secret solstice psoter mascari

Poster art for Icelandic Music Festival


blue green waves - digital art - daniel mascari waves 2 - digital art -prints and more by - daniel mascari neon blue daniel mascari digital art


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